CancerForward We Can Go Forward Luncheon 2014

CancerForward’s We Can Go Forward Luncheon 2014 will present as keynote speaker New York Times number one listed author and ABC News anchor, Dan Harris. Harris will share how meditation and mindfulness have entered the mainstream health care continuum for cancer survivors and their caregivers. His recently-released book, 10% Happier, tells of Dan’s 2004 live-on-national-TV panic attack that led to his personal and practical experience with daily meditation. The book unwraps mindfulness through deep research, tough questions and with a healthy dose of humor.

The event marks the second annual presentation of The H. Rudy Teichman Anchor of Strength Award, this year to Rolanette and Berdon Lawrence, widely-known as compassionate caregivers to cancer survivors. Thousands of cancer survivors are served annually through The Rolanette and Berdon Lawrence Bone Disease Program of Texas, created by a visionary gift of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence and operated in a unique collaboration between Baylor College of Medicine and The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

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