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Experts Speak

We offer articles addressing the physical, emotional and practical needs of cancer survivors written for us by authorities in cancer rehab and cancer survivorship. Contributors includes leading oncologists, oncology certified nurses, psychosocial oncologists, mindfulness counselors, theologians, certified oncology nutritionists, clinical exercise physiologists and integrative medicine practitioners.

Survivor In the News

CancerForward’s contributing writers donate their time to research, interview and prepare stories of “Survivors in the News,” public figures who have experienced cancer. Research has shown these stories create teachable moments. They help dispel myths, reduce stigma, and empower all survivors to maintain hope and open communications with medical personnel, family and friends.

Survivor Stories

Stories are one way survivors share their cancer experiences. These are journals by women and men of all ages facing cancer of all types and writing of themselves. Every story on the CancerForward website has the same theme at heart: the survivor’s will to keep fighting.