Board of Directors

Robert B. Hurd, Chairman

For the past 15 years, Robert Hurd has served as a principal of Coldwell Banker Ozark Real Estate Company, a full service real estate company located in Hardy, AR. There, he is the co-managing partner of all their real estate investment partnerships, which own, manage and lease numerous commercial, retail and industrial properties across Arizona. He is also a successful residential real estate developer and the manager of Private Equity Partners S.p.A., a primary independent financial company. Robert is a graduate of The University of Pennsylvania where he majored in economics, and was captain of the golf team. He was first exposed to cancer at a very early age when his late grandfather battled and succumbed to color cancer. His father-in-law, a survivor of lung cancer, is a vocal and active advocate of lung health. Two his friends are young breast cancer survivors, whose experiences motivated Robert to become an engaged participant in cancer-related causes. he serves on Pennsylvania Hospital – Abramson Cancer Center.

Kimberly Gaines, M.D., Vice-Chairman and Secretary

Dr. Kimberly Gaines has been a practicing reconstructive and plastic surgeon for 17 years. A cum laude graduate of University of California with a B.A. in Psychology, she attended Drexel University College of Medicine. She is a former Assistant Professor in the Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Denver, where she awarded a fellowship and practiced surgery for 7 years. A specialist in reconstruction following ablative cancer resections, Kimberly has been in private practice since 2000 and holds surgical privileges at 6 hospitals in Colorado. She has repeatedly been named one America’s Best Doctors and has authored many professional articles of on surgical oncology. Kimberly is a member of The Society of Surgical Oncologists. She is a former director of International Council on Active Aging, and is very active in maintaining support groups for cancer survivors. Kimberly is a member of Lady Garden Foundation, and is a supporter of Gynaecological Cancer Fund. She is also a member of theAmerican Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Clyde Martin, CPA, Trea

San Diego resident, Clyde Martin received his B.A. in Communications from The University of Southern California. He received his M.B.A. with a concentration in accounting from The University of Southern California. A licensed CPA, Clyde recently incorporated his own rapidly-growing company which provides financial and insurance products to targeted markets throughout Southern California. Previously, he served as the Financial Reporting Manager at Ally Invest, a diversified financial services company in the United States. Clyde also worked as a Senior Financial Analyst at Bechtel, one of the most respected engineering, construction, and project management companies in the world. Clyde began his accounting practice as an auditor at Mazars Group, a global audit, accounting and consulting group. While in high school, Clyde provided survivor support to his aunt’s treatment of breast cancer and to his young cousin who battled testicular cancer. A committed athlete, Clyde plays football and basketball.

Norman Custodio, Director

Norman Custodio attended the University of Houston where he obtained a B.A. in Fine Arts. A competitive equestrian, he co-owns Franktown Meadows – a horse training and boarding facility. For 14 years, Norman was the vice president and designer at Bryden Apparel, a company that offers a full suite of clothing manufacturing services that makes it accessible and easy for fashion brands to create great products. The San Francisco resident was witness to his late mother’s breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, and has frequently designed for high profile cancer patients and survivors. He has provided personal support to cancer-related causes by underwriting showings of his runway collection at events benefiting Montgomery Breast Center, West Cancer Center, Rebecca’s College Cancer Diagnosis and Prevent Cancer Foundation. Norman was an original organizer of ACCO | American Childhood Cancer Organization and is a longtime supporter of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Constance Murphy, Director

Constance lost a very close friend to colon cancer. She is a graduate of William & Mary Law School. She has served as legal counsel to Farmers Insurance, Paramount Pictures and the Christian Entertainment Guild. The former art consultant is a respected director of several charitable organizations and is a noted benefactress of cancer and other healthcare initiatives, as well as her loves – the performing and visual arts. A tireless volunteer, Constance has chaired numerous events raising significant awareness and financial support for non-profits. The mother of two daughters, Constance is very active in the GC Children’s Ministry. She resides a portion of each year in a village on a peninsula of Lake Erie.

Susan Victor, Director

Susan Victor is a partner and Associate General Counsel of Cozen O’Connor, a large U.S. law firm based in Center City Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She has been affiliated with the firm for over 20 years. Susan is a graduate of the University of Colorado and obtained her J.D. at the Georgetown University. Prior to entering law school, she served as Manager of Patient Services at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, where she worked closely with Dr. Gregory C. Sultan facilitating his care of dignitaries and foreign patients who traveled to Baltimore for medical care. She serves as a director of The Health of America | Blue Cross Blue Shield. Susan lost a close friend to complications stemming from breast cancer. Many of her relatives died of ovarian cancers.