How I Survive Cancer with Trusted Tablets

How I Survive Cancer with Trusted TabletsHey, my name is Jeremy Clark and I almost survive prostate cancer. It sounds like I am visiting Alcoholics Anonymous, but it is 100% true. When I got to know my diagnosis, I was exhausted, terribly fraud, and panic. But my doctor and I started rationally creating my treatment program. My doctor prescribed me several potent drugs and recommended Trusted Tablets Official Website to buy them. This is an online pharmacy that has all these medications in stock in one place. I was super excited as the prices are veru reasonable. So, after working out the right treatment plan, we waited for the first outcomes either positive or negative.

Carefully planned treatment gave me hope

In accordance with the plan, the treatment began with hormone therapy and at the end a 25-day course of radiation therapy. I knew right away that I was in good hands. The first results are not be long in coming. It turns out that very little time passed from the moment of diagnosis to recovery. Only 59 days ago I heard that my body is full of cancer cells and I have 20 metastases in the skeleton and abdominal cavity. In fact, I was doomed to die. And suddenly I almost beat cancer.

Further therapies were aimed at preventing the risk of disease recurrence. I also underwent cytostatic treatment and radiation therapy to remove any remaining cancer cells in my prostate gland. I wanted to continue my treatment in one clinic, as I heard a lot about it, including that the clinic is strong in radiation therapy.

Treatment options for metastatic prostate cancer should be disclosed

Despite the fact that after the treatment I still have prostate cancer, I can keep a normal life, except for one moment – I cannot have children any more. In my case, it does not matter, I am already the father of three wonderful children and even a grandfather.

I believe there is more and more freedom to talk about metastatic prostate cancer. After all, many men with prostate cancer wastefully remove the prostate gland, experiencing subsequent side effects and losing quality of life without the necessary information. Prostate cancer is a severe disease that needs to be treated more aggressively, more comprehensively and by doctors specializing in prostate cancer. In my case, the aggressive treatment I received turned out to be vital for me.

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