The Vision

CancerForward: The Foundation for Cancer Survivors is a not-for-profit web-based networking and educational resource for cancer survivors. Comprised of communities of individuals with similar interests in cancer survivorship, the website is designed to provide a place where survivors can connect with other survivors and with healthcare professionals to share experiences, advice and information about disease-specific issues as well as health, wellness and practical living issues. In addition, the site is populated with rich content generated to support survivors. There is no other organization that solely supports the 28 million cancer survivors worldwide as it does.

With its platform complete, CancerForward will have become the primary non-profit support and information resource for cancer survivors from the moment of diagnosis through all stages of treatment, recovery, and beyond. Addressing survivors of all ages and all cancer types, it will also exist as a source of non-profit funding for local cancer support programs within health care institutions and community-based organizations throughout the U.S.

the need

In the U.S. alone, 12 million people are living with cancer. Three of every four U.S. families include one family member with cancer. More cancer patients are surviving due to advances in cancer care. Countless variables – cancer type, life circumstances, age, career, geography, finances, and more – make every survivorship experience one-of-a-kind. Available web-based information on survivorship issues is often cached or canned or offered by those whose experiences are dissimilar. Access to information and survivor groups is unfeasible to survivors who want to remain anonymous or who live in a geographical area where support groups are difficult or inconvenient to locate.

CancerForward’s definition of cancer survivors – now the conventional norm – embraces those living with, through and beyond cancer diagnosis, along with family members, friends and caregivers.