CancerForward’s The New Summer Standard 2014

Donna & Robert Bruni and Ellie & Michael Francisco
Honorary Chairs

Gina & Devinder Bhatia, MD and Millette & Haag Sherman

CancerForward’s The New Summer Standard 2014 — celebrating National Cancer Survivors Day 2014 — is a black tie end-of-the-season dinner dance that will evoke an early summer party in the Hamptons…with a new sound this year from The Richard Brown Band Deconstructed: Pop! Soul! R&B!

The event is in tribute to the Honorable Ellen Cohen, toasting her 44 years of cancer survivorship and her career supporting the healthcare needs of others. Ellen’s community service began in the early 1970’s when she founded Reach to Recovery of Canada, a self-help post-mastectomy group. During her capable leadership in the Texas House of Representatives, she helped make billions of dollars available for cancer research in Texas, including the Texas Medical Center. As Houston City Council Member, District C, she’s redefining fiscal responsibility, public safety, and equality in Houston.

Please join us to celebrate Ellen and her life…one fully-lived, widely-admired.

Proceeds benefit cancer survivorship planning programs of CancerForward.

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